The story behind our logo

The Julianna B logo represents not only Julie and Briendy’s initials, but also the sentiment behind the brand itself- ‘Just Because’.

Developed from Julie and Briendy’s sketches, the J and B are delicately intertwined into a butterfly-like silhouette. The three extracted shapes within this motif- the heart, pear and marquis- are rich with powerful meanings. Many interpretations exist of these shapes themselves, but for Julianna B, these three shapes are very personal and significant.

Heart: Loving what you do. Enjoying life. Loving and staying happy.

Pear: Giving it your all. Sentimentality, gentleness and elegance, combined with purity and generosity.

Marquis: Action and direction. Strength when needed and in all that you do.

Julie and Briendy’s approach to design is hands-on and original, sharing and blending their ideas, sketching during design meetings, poring though color charts, traveling for inspiration and trend research, and sifting through rich and unusual colored stones. They know what they like and they discover just that as a look evolves. Trends often validate their own process.

The Julianna B style is playful, ranging from glossy sterling silver, gleaming gold, to refined and elegant diamond signature lace looks created with the logo motif.